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One-sided 7' single on transparent vinyl.

Three One G #64


released 11 September 2011

recorded May 2011 at Worship Studio

John Huss : vocals, guitars
Mathieu Bétard : drums, vocals



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Track Name: Jahiliya
bother superior's sighing breath abide the hand that bites thy unborn again sink twice penetracostal untill a blinding light touched by angels outshrines haloed a-holes of hell hoes time to frame this randominion den of millions damned lifting of the veil divine divider pray on inceptions pry open to the core choir siphilistine stigmata herpes and love in vein cry me acheron stiff as the styx in the eye of the beholder son of the mourning call of black gold dressed in red escape sceptic icons and conceptions lakes of fire on the bottom of the parsed sea split slain in the digit spy spirit rituals all standing in line demanding a sacrifice on vapor hills of the sexless in fire pits of the restless sniffing holy ghost glue second comming out third eye blind fourth dimension filth command sixth organ grinder seventh son seventh sin crucifist full of nails and shining hammer naked king and his crowd on their last suffering destination outer-body hexperience pill grim aging to the waste lying on the lower strata counting all the blessings in sight lone lost in a desert of wisdom an od on god speed bell and chain guiding scar spangled banner martyran on a thorned throne the satiations of the crass